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B738. Nihon Toko Jiten by Fujishiro

$200 + Shipping & Insurance

B738.  Nihon Toko Jiten by Fujishiro.  Hardbound, 6 ¼ x 9 ¾”.  2 volumes: Koto Hen, 1992, 619 pages; Shinto Hen, 1990, 492 pages, in Japanese.  Each volume comes with a stapled index in English.  This is the first book you reach for when researching a sword.  Few pages of text; this all about the swords.  1,000 or so top and mid level smiths are presented with sharp oshigata, typical signatures, information about the work, dates, provinces, relative rankings, and more.  I doubt there are any serious collectors of Nihonto who don't own this set; it is that useful.  I currently also have this set with a full translation; see B758.

The books are in excellent condition.  They will come with slipcases that may or may not be in excellent condition (the slipcases for these books never were much to brag about).  Sets of Fujishiro's come and go fairly often and I'd like not to have to change the picture everytime one moves.  I will sell you the one with the best condition slipcases I have at the time.  6 pounds, 7 ounces.  Now $200.

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