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B731. Nihonto Zuikan by Kataoka

$850 + Shipping & Insurance

B731.  Nihonto Zuikan: Koto & Shinto by Kataoka, both volumes are inscribed by the author.  Clothbound with slipcases in 2 large volumes, 9 x 12", in Japanese.  Koto: 1982, 1,064 pages.  Shinto 1977, 991 pages.  The Koto volume has an index in English.  Other than the 7 volumes of Nihonto Taikan (also on this site) this is the greatest of the Taikan/Zuikan.  Well done oshigata of just about every smith who mattered.  This is an incredible reference; if you care about Nihonto you lust after these books.

I have digital copies of English indexes to both volumes; if you buy this set remind me to send you them.  Both are included in the "Index of Japanese Sword Literature" on the JSS/US website

A former owner has written the title and author on the back of the slipcases and his name is inside the cover of one volume.  As mentioned, Mr. Kataoka has signed both.  The books are in great condition.  20 pounds, 10 ounces.  $850.

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