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B731. Nihonto Zuikan by Kataoka

$850 + Shipping & Insurance

B731.  Nihonto Zuikan: Koto & Shinto by Kataoka.  Clothbound in 2 large volumes; the slipcases are missing, 9 x 12", in Japanese.  Koto: 1982, 1,064 pages.  Shinto 1984, 1,068 pages.  This is the expanded, 2nd edition of Shinto (there never was a 2nd edition of Koto).  Both volumes have indexes in English.  Other than the 7 volumes of Nihonto Taikan (also on this site) this is the greatest of the Taikan/Zuikan.  Well done oshigata of just about every smith who mattered.  This is an incredible reference; if you care about Nihonto you lust after these books.

I have digital copies of English indexes to both volumes; if you buy this set remind me to send you them.  Both are included in the "Index of Japanese Sword Literature" on the JSS/US website

A former owner's bookplates are inside the back covers and there are a few pages in each volume with small, neat notes written in.  Otherwise the books are in great condition.  20 pounds, 10 ounces.  $850.

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