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B711. Japanese Swordsmiths Revised by Hawley

$300 + Shipping & Insurance

B711.  Japanese Swordsmiths Revised by W. M. Hawley.  1981.  Hardbound, 8 ¾ x 11 ¼”, 1,069 pages in English.  The book starts with Kanji used in signatures, provinces, carvings, and more.  The next 1,046 pages are a listing of about 32,000 swordsmiths with typical signatures in English and Kanji, provinces, cross references to a few other books, and a relative point value.  Everybody wants a copy of this book.

The top of the spine has been torn for a couple inches (see my last picture); otherwise the book is in great condition for its age..  6 pounds, 1 0unce.  Normally I ask $350 for this title; due to the spine this one can be had for $300.

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