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B663. Soshu Den Meisaku Shu by Dr. Homma

$400 + Shipping & Insurance

B663.  Soshu Den Meisaku Shu by Dr. Homma.  1975.  Clothbound with bone or ivory clipped slipcase, there is no cardboard storage box, 15 ½ x 20 ¾”, about 425 pages in Japanese.  This is a huge, beautiful book, presenting the very best of the Soshu Den, one of the 5 great traditions of Nihonto.  The 1st 67 pages are text and oshigata; the remainder of the book is given to large, crisp photos and very well done oshigata of 178 important swords.  Soshu is the School of Masamune, Sadamune, Yukimitsu, Kunimitsu, O-Sa, and many others.  Great fun to page through; a wonderful book to own.

The book is in beautiful, excelent condition.  16 pounds, 9 ounces.  Was $600; now $400.

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