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B632. The Art Appreciation of Japanese Sword Fittings by Fukushi

$120 + Shipping & Insurance

B632.  The Art Appreciation of Japanese Sword Fuittings by Fukushi Shigeo.  2012.  Softbound with dust jacket, 7 1/4 x 10", 417 pages in Japanese and English.  Beautiful kodogu is pictured life size in color and explained in both languages.  While I'm sure the Japanese text gives you the usual:dimensions, materials, techniques; the English tells you the story behind the art: what the piece depicts and what it means in Japanese lore, which makes this book different and quite valuable to us non-Japanese collectors.  Mr. Fukushi is a very well respected scholar of the field and this is a very fine book.  This is also a book that has become quite difficult to find; my 1st copy in at least half a year.

This book is in excellent condition.  3 pounds, 1 ounce.  $120.

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