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B625. Yasuchika by Tomijiro Miyazaki

$155 + Shipping & Insurance

B625.   Yasuchika by Tomijiro Miyazaki.  1964 Sansaisha, Tokyo.  Clothbound with slipcase, 8 ½ x 12”, unpaginated, maybe 300 pages.  74 pieces, tsuba, fuchi kashira, kotsuka, and more, are presented in crisp black & white, life size, both sides pictures.  22 of the pieces (kinko) are shown also in tipped in color pictures.  Text is in Japanese but at the back of the book each piece is discussed thoroughly, along with essays on tsubas and Yasuchika, all in English (56 pages of English).  The middle of the book is pictures and text of works by other (related) artists and close-ups of Yasuchika’s signatures.

The slipcase is split an inch or so at some corners but still does the job to protect the book.  Condition of the book is excellent.  4 pounds, 1 ounce.  $155

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