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B580. Kokusai Tosogu Kai 2005

$75 + Shipping & Insurance

B580.  Kokusai Tosogu Kai 2005.  Clothbound with slipcase, 8 1/2 x 12", 108 pages in English.  The Kokusai Tosogu Kai is a by invitation only kodogu study group.  Every year they stage a show of members' favorite pieces.  2005 was their 1st convention and show, and probably the best of all.  Nishigaki Kanshiro, Natsuo, Yasuchika, Kaneiye, Tsu Jimpo, and various Goto masters are but a few of the pieces illustrated with wonderfully crisp color photos.  At the back of the book are articles on sukashi tsuba and studying with Torigoye by Robert Haynes.  Beautiful book.

I lucked onto a dozen unopened copies at the recent Chicago show; these books are perfectly new.  I'm down to the last copy left to sell.  2 pounds, 6 ounces.  $75.

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