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B576. Nihonto Koza as translated by Harry Watson

$1,400 + Shipping & Insurance

B576.  Nihonto Koza by Dr. Sato & other authors, translated to English by Harry Watson.  6 hardbound volumes, 8 ¼ x 11” in English.

Volume II.  Koto Part I.  530 pages.

Volume III.  Koto Part II.  500 pages.

Volume IV.  Shinto.  400 pages

Volume V.  Shinshinto.  470 pages.

Volume VI.  Kodogu Part I.  500 pages.

Volume IX.  Koto Part III.  530 pages.

All 6 volumes are inscribed to a former owner by Harry.  Hundreds of oshigata and photos (some color photos in the Kodogu volume), tons of information, a very thorough covering of Nihonto.  A great reference.

All volumes are out of print and it is quite difficult to find copies of some.  Full sets rarely come for sale.  The books are all in excellent condition.  24 pounds, 3 ounces. $1,400.

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