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B555. Tsuba no Bi by Kajima

$75 + Shipping & Insurance

B555.  Tsuba no Bi by Kajima.  1970.  Clothbound with slipcase, 9 x 12 ½”, 275 pages in Japanese.  364 very fine tsuba are shown in black & white and some color photographs, nice crisp quality pictures and many of the tsuba are shown both sides.  Early and late, iron and kinko, all of them great or better.  A beautiful book.  I have a digital copy of an English translation of the photo captions; if you buy this book remind me to send it to you.

The slipcase is well dinged, separating along edges here and there, and a small piece has broken loose from the bottom of the spine (I have the piece and will include it with the book).  The book itself is just fine.  4 pounds, 13 ounces.  Was $200; now $75.

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