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B508. Jidai Mitokoro Shu by Ikeda

$150 + Shipping & Insurance

B508.  Jidai Mitokoro Shu by The Japanese Sword Fittings Museum and Ikeda.  1986.  Silkbound in a hinged, silkbound box, 12 x 9", 163 pages in Japanese.  Mitokoromono are sets of 3, in this case kotsuka, kogai, and menuki.  The book is outright beautiful and almost entirely filled with crisp color photographs of about 75 sets, predominately work of the Goto family.  Every 2 page spread is the full set on one side and closeups on the other.

The hinged box and book are in like new condition.  6 pounds.  Was $185, now $150.

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