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B458. Tsuba Meisaku Shu by Dr. Homma 1952

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B458.  Tsuba Meisaku Shu by Dr. Homma, the NBTHK, and The National Sword  Museum in Tokyo.  1952.  8 ¾ x 12 ¼”.  A slightly unusual format for this book: ribbon tied case holds 159 loose pages with 2 pictures of tsuba each, and a 65 page, softbound introduction.  Some tsuba are shown both sides; other plates show 2 different tsuba.  Each pictured tsuba is described in English and Japanese both; the introduction volume (list of plates, outline of tsuba history, short essays on schools of tsuba making, and a glossary) is 27 pages of Japanese and 38 pages in English.  This book was published in conjunction with a very major show of tsuba at the museum; only the best pieces are included (amazing stuff).  This book is a very difficult find; I found no others available anywhere online.  I have also the later, hardbound edition of this book.  See B459.

The slipcase is a bit fragile, with rubbing at the edges and some torn paper on the front of the case (see photos).  All else is fine.  4 pounds, 4 ounces.  Was $325; now $99.

I have a 2nd copy of this book with its slipcase in rougher condition.  The plates are all here and in great condition.  This copy of the book can be had for $75.

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