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B423. The Traditional Crafts of Japan

$250 + Shipping & Insurance

B423.  The Traditional Crafts of Japan by Inumaru Tadashi, Yoshida Mitsukuni, and Japan Traditional Craft Center.  1992 1st edition.  12 volumes, clothbound with slipcases, 10 ¼ x 14 ¾”, about 1,200 pages in English.  This is a huge, wonderful celebration of Japanese craftsmanship.  The 1st 8 volumes are text and photos:

Vol.s 1 & 2.     Textiles

Vol. 3.      Ceramics.

Vol. 4.     Lacquerware

Vol. 5.     Wood and Bamboo.

Vol. 6.     Metal and Stone.

Vol. 7.    Paper and Dolls.

Vol. 8.     Writing Utensils and Household Buddhist Alters.

Typically, a volume starts with a few pages of introduction, follows with about 100 pages of 1st class color photos from the various centers of the particular craft, and ends with a map showing the centers, and pages of text explaining history, technique, the future for the craft, and more, and black & white photos, for each of the craft centers.

The last 4 volumes aren’t books; they are cases to hold two 25 minute video cassettes each.  These videos examine in detail just one of the craft centers from each subject of the 1st 8 volumes.  I have watched all of these videos and found them very interesting; you won’t be disappointed.

Vol. A.     Weaving: Nishijin Textiles.  Dyeing: Kyoto Yuzen.

Vol. B.     Ceramics: Shigaraki Ware.  Lacquer: Wajima Ware.

Vol. C.     Woodworking: Kyoto Joinery.  Metalworking: Sakai Forged Blades.

Vol. D.     Papermaking: Echizen Paper.  Brushes and Sumi Ink: Nara Writing Utensils.

I can’t over state how beautiful these books are; this set is a treasure.  And condition is near perfect.  There are a couple, 3 scuffs between all of the slipcases and all else about the set is like new.  In researching value for this set I found online that it was released at $3,000.  I can do better than that.  39 pounds, 9 ounces.  Was $500; marked down to $250.

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