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B387. Nippon-To: Art Swords of Japan. Compton Collection

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B387.  Nippon-To Art Swords of Japan: The Walter A. Compton Collection by Dr.s Compton, Homma, & Sato, and Ogawa.  1976.  Softbound, 10 x 14 ¼”, 135 pages in English.  This is the catalog from an exhibition at the Japan House Gallery in New York.  Dr. Compton had the most impressive collection of Japanese swords in private hands outside of Japan (famously auctioned at Christie’s in 1992).  He also is famous for having found and given back to Japan the missing National Treasure tachi by Bizen Saburo Kunimune.  This is a very useful reference.  You get the history of the Japanese sword and sword characteristics, a glossary, great pictures of great art (including the Kokuho Kunimune tachi), and a print of an ink drawing by Miyamoto Musashi.

The edges have been rubbed and corners bumped a bit: a good reading copy.  I also have the clothbound edition of this book: B154.  2 pounds, 6 ounces.  $30.

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