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B350. Iron Tsuba: The Works of the Exhibition "Kurogane no Hana"

$115 + Shipping & Insurance

B350.  Tetsu TsubaIron Tsuba: The Works of the Exhibition "Kurogane no Hana".  NBTHK, The Japanese Sword Museum.  2014.   Semi hardbound,  9 x 10 1/4", 151 pages in Japanese and English.  This is the book to accompiany the exceptional display of important tsuba that was presented during the 2013 annual convention of the NBTHK in Tokyo.  116 items, most all tsuba with a few mountings, are shown with excellent photography and well described in both languages.  Big names, great pieces, wonderful book that has become quite difficult to find.

I have a copy here with me in The States that has a shallow dent in the edge of its cover and another in great condition with a trusted consignor to my site who will ship from Europe (in a country with very reasonable postage charges).  You will get whichever copy is less expensive post.  My usual guarantee applies.  1 pound, 9 ounces.  $115.

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