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B312. Japanese Art and Handicraft

$75 + Shipping & Insurance

B312.  Japanese Art & Handicraft by Henry Joly & Kumasaku Tomita.  1976.  Clothbound with dust jacket, 10 x 12 ½”, about 300 pages in English.  The original of this book, from 1915, was a catalog of a loan exhibition to benefit the British Red Cross.  Lacquer, netsuke, paintings, prints, and other art make up the 1st half of the book; the 2nd is kodogu of all sorts, arranged by school.  Black & white photos and thorough descriptions.

The book is in excellent condition  5 pounds, 14 ounces.  Was $125, now $75.

There is a second copy with bumped corners; it can be had for $60.

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