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B247. 3 Compton Auctions at Christie's

$250 + Shipping & Insurance

B247.  Japanese Swords and Sword Fittings from the Collection of Dr. Walter A. Compton, Parts I, II, & III, by Christie’s.  1992.  Softbound with dustjackets, prices realized included, 8 ¼ x 11 ¾”, 440, 245, & 130 pages in English, 971 lots.  Dr. Compton had the most impressive collection of Nihonto in private hands outside of Japan, and there can’t be more than a few in Japan to rival it.  In 1992 Christie’s Auction House in New York sold the collection in 3 sales; these are the sale catalogs.  Many of the swords and mountings had Juyo and Tokubetsu Juyo papers from the NBTHK; the quality and importance of the items was impressive.  Swords are shown in black & white; kodogu in catalog 1 are shown in color and mostly black & white in catalogs 2 & 3.  Almost every item is thoroughly described and well illustrated.  Each catalog has an index, glossary, and bibliography.

All 3 volumes have prices realized written on many pages.  The dust jacket of volume 1 is torn and taped a bit at the top of the spine.  Volume 1 was too large for the binding chosen and many copies have broken spines.  After the problem was discovered, Christie's added extra staples to the insides of  uncirculated copies.  This is one of the copies with the extra staples.  None of the pages are loose or missing but there is a spot where the binding folds open to allow for the staples.  The book is still intact and if you treat it with care you should have no problem.  I normally ask $310 for a set with an intact binding in volume 1 and without this issue; this one can be had for less.  9 pounds  $250.

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