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B153. Token Kinko Meisaku Shu by Ogura, All 8 Volumes

$600 + Shipping & Insurance

B153.  Token Kinko Meisaku Shu by many authors.  Eight volumes: 1935 to 1938.  Sewn softbound, 7 ½ x 12”, about 100 pages per volume in Japanese.  This may be the scarcest, most difficult to find book on kodogu; 8 volumes is the complete set and complete sets are almost never offered for sale.  Hundreds of great fittings, both soft metal and iron, are illustrated.  There is very little text; the books are mostly pictures.

1.  Kaneiye & Choshu

2.  Higo

3.  Goto, Kyo Kinko, Kamakura, Ko Tsuba (early tsuba), Tosho, & Katchushi

4.  Umetada & Shoami

5.  Nara, Yasuchika

6.  Nobuiye

7.  Somin

8.  Edo Kinko

Condition is quite good considering the age and material.  Covers are near 100% and there are only 3 or 4 breaks in the string binder in the complete set.  This is easily fixed; there are directions online.  There is some foxing and a bit of light staining on some pages of most volumes.  My 1st picture shows this set and my last picture is typical of the lightly stained pages; the rest of the pictures are from a different set I sold earlier.  5 pounds, 8 ounces.  $600.

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