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B1035. Mitsumura Collection in the Nezu Museum

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B1035. Mitsumura Collection in the Nezu Museum: Swords and Fittings.  Softbound, 9 x 12", 198 pages in Japanese (object and artist names, and certain other information is given in English also).  Mitsumura Toshimo was a businessman in Meiji period Japan.  Out of love for an art and concern for a declining craft, he commissioned and purchased kodogu from the top artist of the time.  He was able to amass a large and spectacular collection, much of which is today owned by the Nezu Museum.  This is a very extensive catalog of the collection.  1,115 pieces, swords, fittings, koshirae, and a few sword stands are shown in color.  This book is with a trusted consignor in Europe; he will ship and my usual guarantee applies.  I show the one picture I have of the book; I hope to add others soon.  Note: this book is not the same as B179. Pinnacle of Excellence, also by the Nezu Museum and also about the Mitsumura collection.

$70 plus $20 for shipping worldwide: $90 total.

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