C177. Nihonto Taikan: Toso Hen


C177.  Nihonto Taikan: Toso Hen.  Various authors.  1971.  Clothbound with slipcase, 10 1/2 x 14 1/4″, 247 pages in Japanese.  This is one volume of the 7 volume Nihonto Taikan; this book is koshirae.  Sword mountings form all periods, from very early to very late, are shown in crisp black & white and color photography, many life size on extra long fold out pages.  Nothing but the best is included; wonderful stuff.

I have also, at the moment, the volume of Tosogu and the complete 7 volume set.

Condition is excellent.  9 pounds, 7 ounces.  $400.

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Sold Out