B993. Ono Yoshimitsu Juka Choji no Sekai, with full translation


B993.  Ono Yoshimitsu Juka Choji no Sekai.  1991.  Softbound, 10 x 14 1/4″, about 170 pages in Japanese.  Ono Yoshimitsu is a Mukansa level swordsmith who has devoted his career to reproducing the flamboyant choji hamon of early and great Bizen-To.  26 beautiful swords are shown in exceptional black & white photography, accompianied by thorough text and essays by other luminaries in Gendaito.

If you buy this book I will email you a PDF of the full translation of the book into English, done, I believe, by Paul Martin.

Condition is excellent.  3 pounds, 12 ounces.  Was $200, now $175.

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Sold Out