B989. Nihonto Kogatana Zuikan


B989.  Nihonto Kogatana Zuikan by Shibata.  1969.  Hardbound with dust jacket and plastic jacket, 6 x 8 ½”, 174 pages in Japanese.  Kogatana (small katana) are the knives that slide into pockets on scabbards of swords; their handles are kotsuka.  Almost nothing has been written on this subject; I know of only 2 books (both on my site currently).  I was able to find no other copies for sale online; this book is hard to come by.  Hundreds of the blades are illustrated with photos and oshigata, and the text is thorough.

A former owner has written the book’s name in Engglish on the jacket spine and his name & the title again inside the covers. Condition is excellent..  1 pound, 5 ounces.  $70.