B767. Kusanagi no Ya Oshigata


B767.  Kusanagi no Ya Oshigata by Dr. Sato.  1973.  Hardbound with a slipcase, 9 1/2 x 12 1/4″, 430 pages in Japanese.  Kusanagi no Ya was a well respected sword shop in Kyoto.  It must not exist any more because I can find nothing about it online.  There isn’t much text to this book; all but a few pages are oshigata of fine swords from all periods.  The oshigata are well done, as would be expected from a book with Dr. Sato’s name.  Go through the book and make an index.  You’ll greatly improve your ability to read sword signatures and you’ll have a great reference.

The slipcase is splitting at corners but still works to protect the book, which is in great condition. A former owner’s name is inside the cover.  7 pounds.  Was $300; now $95.