B705. Nihonto: Swords of Japan, A Visual Glossary


B705.  Nihonto Swords of Japan a Visual Glossary, Zusetsu Nihonto Yogo Jiten by Kajihara Kotoken.  1989.  Clothbound in 2 volumes with slipcases, 10 ½ x 14” each, 600 and 250 pages.  This book illustrates identifies and explains everything and then some about Nihonto.  I’m not exaggerating here; the table of contents is 49 pages long.  It’s hard to believe there could be anything on or about a sword for which you could ask, “What’s that called.” that this book won’t answer.

The larger volume has the illustrations and text in Japanese, with titles in English also.  The smaller volume is a complete translation into English. A former owner’s name is inside the front cover of each volume; the books are in excellent, near mint condition.  12 pounds, 13 ounces.  $480.