B446. Nihonto no Soe Kogatana by Suenaga Masao


B446.  Nihonto no Soe Kogatana by Suenaga Masao.  1975.  Clothbound with a slipcase, 7 ¼ x 10 ½”, 257 pages in Japanese.  Kogatana (small katana) are the knives that fit with kotsuka (small handle) in pockets on the sides of sword sayas.  Little has been written on the subject; this is perhaps the most comprehensive book on the subject.  100s of examples are shown and discussed: many variations on the form.  This book is rare and difficult to find.

The slipcase shows a bit of minor shelf wear. A former owner has written the title in English on the spine of the slipcase and he has stamped his name inside the front cover. The book is in excellent condition.  2 pounds, 10 ounces.  Was $250, marked down to $175.