B241. Tokubetsu Juyo Token Nado Zufu. various issues


B241.  Tokubetsu Juyo Token Nado Zufu various volumes by the NBTHK.  Softbound, 14 1/4 x 10″, maybe 80 to 100 pages each in Japanese.  Tokubetsu Juyo is the highest ranking given by the NBTHK, the organization of the National Sword Museum in Tokyo.  Very great swords and koshirae/kodogu are presented in crisp photography on one side of a page and described on the rear.  Only the best: incredible pieces.

I currently have only volume 7 (1980). One corner is roughly bumped (this isn’t the book in my picture).

The binding used on these books is less than ideal; almost all copies come apart eventually.  These volumes have a little bit frazzled spines but all else is fine.  1 pound, 8 ounces or so.  $50 each (buy as many as you please).

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Sold Out