B168. Yushuto Zuroku, Volume II, With Translation


B168.  Yushuto Zuroku Volume II by the NTHK and Yoshikawa Koen.  1984.  Clothbound with slipcase, 8 1/2 x 12″, 250 pages in Japanese with a list of plates in English.  This book (the 2nd of 3 total volumes) presents the NTHK’s equivalent (Yushu Saku) of the NBTHK’s Juyo Token.

123 blades that have been given the ranking are presented in top quality oshigata and a few crisp black & white photos.  I like these books as references because the NTHK has a different from other organizations priority for awarding the top paper.  While the NBTHK, for instance, is weighted heavilly to age and importance of the smith, the NTHK judged on the work regardless of age or reputation.  Many of the smiths included don’t get a lot of press in other books.  I have also volume I of the set, with a full translation, and at a bargain price (see B287) and volume III (B303).  This title is included in the Index of Japanese Sword Literature on the JSS/US website.

Also included with the book is a full translation to English: softbound, 7 x 10″, 94 pages. The translations of volumes 2 and 3 are devilishly difficult to find.

Both books are in excellent condition. 5 pounds. $260.