B142. Meito Oshigata Shu: Koto Hen II, by Atsuta Jinju (Atsuta Shrine)


B142.   Meito Oshigata Shu: Koto Hen part II, by Atsuta Jinju (Atsuta Shrine).  Softbound with slipcover, 8 ½ x 12”, 24 full length, actual size oshigata, text is in Japanese.  Unusual for a Nihonto book: very little text and well done, fold out, full length oshigata of great swords from the Koto period.  You get Hasabe Kunishige, 2 Nobukuni, Kanetomo, Kanemoto, Kanemitsu, Masazane, Norimitsu, and more.

See my listing M108 for this book as part of a 3 volume set.

A corner of the slipcase is bumped and one spot on the edge of a cover is a bit crinkled (nothing really); otherwise all is like new.  3 pounds, 2 ounces.  $60.

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Sold Out