B127. Meito Zuikan, 26 issues with complete translation


B127. “Meito Zuikan” by Fujishiro. 1978 – 1993. Softbound in a string tied binder. “Meito Zuikan” was a periodical released in 28 issues of 9 to 11 pages each, printed one side, 8 x 10 3/4″ in Japanese. Great blades are shown in very well done oshigata and some of the best Nihonto photography of any publication ever. The quality of these publications is wonderful. This is a set of the 1st 26 issues; # 27 & 28 are missing.  Also included is a complete translation of all 28 issues by Leon and Hiroko Kapp, about 8 pages per issue in a 3 ring binder with tabs for the individual issues. I have also a digital index in English for the complete set; if you buy this remind me to send it to you.

The cover is a bit faded; otherwise condition is excellent.  8 pounds, 3 ounces.  $395.