B1082. Tsuguhira Oshigata


B1082. Tsuguhira Oshigata. 1928. String bound soft cover, 8 x 12″ 220 double fold pages in Japanese. It isn’t often that I list a book, let alone an important book, for the 1st time after decades in the Japanese sword book business. I’m guessing this must be pretty rare; I’ve never seen it before.

The oshigata in this book were compiled by the swordsmith Omi no Kami Tsuguhira, nidai, who worked at the end of the 17th and beginning of the 18th century. One after another great swords by the most significant of smiths, including  many blades that later were given National Treasure status, are found here. You get the Kogarasu Maru by legendary smith Amakuni and 1 of 3 known oshigata of the Honjo Masamune (which disappeared after WWII) and so much more. Other than 1 page of introduction and another of index, the book is all oshigata.

For its age, the book is in remarkable condition. There is a short tear and fading around the edges of the front cover, a bumped corner, and shelf wear; otherwise all is good. 1 pound, 14 ounces. $245.