B1076. Kokusai Tosogu Kai 18th Convention 2022


B1076.  Kokusai Tosogu Kai 18th Convention. 2022. Hardbound with a slipcase, 8 1/2 x 12″, 80 pages in English and Japanese. The KTK is an invitation only group of collectors of better quality sword fittings and koshirae. Every year they meet someplace on earth to share their finds and they publish a beautiful book. This year, due to the pandemic, the meeting didn’t happen but the book did.

There are few pages in this book that don’t have crisp color pictures of great pieces; it is a quality reference. At the back of the book is a foldout listing in both languages of important kodogu artists, laid out like a roster of great sumo wresatlers. The book is new, unread, and with a consignor in Canada. 2 pounds, 3 ounces. $125.