B932. Katchu


B932.  Katchu  1971.  This book may be leather bound but it may also be a faux leather.  wrapped in a large sheet of hand made Japanese paper, inside a wood box, inside an inner storage box, inside an outer storage box.  12 x 15 1/2″ (the outer box is 15 1/2 x 19 x 4″), the pages aren’t numbered but it must be at least 200 pages in Japanese.  # 475 of a limited edition of 700.

This is the first copy of this book I’ve ever seen, and I am very impressed.  It is nothing short of spectacular.  The 1st third of the pages are tipped in color photos of great armor (many Kokuho), the 2nd third are black & white photos of more great stuff, and the last third is text with smaller black & white pix.  If it’s armor and important, it’s here.

There is a split in both the top and bottom of the wood box.  This is due to age related wood movement, not damage, and couldn’t have been avoided.  Otherwise, all else about the book is like new, amazing for a book 44 years old.  11 pounds, 14 ounces.  $500.

Sold Out

Sold Out