Organizations that publish and that you should join.

The Japanese Sword Society of the US.

Click on JSL Index on the top bar and you'll be taken to the Index of Japanese Sword Literature, which indexes many of the books I sell.

NBTHK American Branch.

This link takes you to their Sword Care and Etiquette brochure, which everyone should read.

The Northern California Japanese Sword Club.

The Nihonto Message Board.

The NMB is likely the premier gathering spot online for us Japanese sword nuts.

Other sword book dealers in the West.


Paragon Books in Chicago.

Alan Bale in the UK.


Other sword dealers I can recommend.

Andy Quirt.

Robert Benson.

Fred Guyer.

Fred Weisberg.

Danny Massey.

Byron Shimizu.

David Bond. (swords, fittings, pottery, prints, etc.)

David Stiles sells Japanese art, including swords and fittings.

Boris Markhasin specializes in older fittings but catches other interests also.

Mike Quigley (Japanese swords, Oriental art/antiques, WWII militaria),

The Big Kahuna

Richard Stein's Japanese Sword Guide.

Other links

Jim Gilbert has a very informative site about tsuba.

Grey Doffin - Dealer in Nihonto Art

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