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N102. Fine Menuki in Gold and Shakudo

$875 + Shipping & Insurance

N102.  A fine pair of menuki: gold, shakudo, & silver.  2 very important looking personages, one riding on a gold dragon and the other riding backwards on a shakudo horse (no idea what that's about; someone tell me please) (I have been told that this set depicts the story of Chorio or Chang Liang in Chinese and Kosekiko or Hwang Shi Kung, The Yellow Stone Elder).  The work is exquisite, 1st class.  These menuki are unusually thick, heavier than usual.  Lengths are 3.4 and 3 cm.  The set comes in a fitted box with a pillow.  There is a label on the box that might say, Ishikimi Choyo, Mimasugu.  The collector I got these from thinks this is Goto work; Waki Goto maybe?

Condition is excellent.  Was $975; now $875.

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