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S127. Various Full Length Oshigata

$100 + Shipping & Insurance

S127. Various full length oshigata.  With the exception of the last one, the Seki Kanetsune on a scroll, these are, I believe, reproductions of original hand drawn oshigata.  How old they are I don't know but they do appear to have significant age.  All are close to 10 3/4" wide; I'll give individual lengths below.  None of these are in perfect condition: there is some foxing and creases (the creases look worse when the oshigata is laying on the floor in my pictures; they tend to go away when the oshigata is hung on a wall).  Each oshigata is individually priced; the $100 in my listing is because I have to put a price to the listing or I can't list.

1.  Aya no Kaji Sadatoshi tachi.  This blade was a pre war Kokuho (National Treasure).  46" long.  A bit of foxing top and bottom.  SOLD.

2.  Bitchu Kuni Ju Yoshitsugu.  Shochu San Nen San Gatsu Hi (a day in the 3rd month of 1326).  This tachi was Kokuho at the time the oshigata was made; may still be Kokuho.  43", very clean.  SOLD.

3.  Yukimitsu tanto.  20"  Some foxing.  $35.

4.  Yoshimitsu ken.  18 1/2" very clean.  Kokuho.  $40.

5.  Hasebe Kuninobu O-tanto.  Clean, 25". Kokuho.  SOLD.

6.  Ko-Bizen Tsuneto tachi.  45" clean.  SOLD.

7.  Bungo Kuni Yukihira tachi.  45" some foxing.  SOLD.

8.  A worm eaten oshigata of a yari.  Free with the 1st of the other oshigata to sell.  SOLD

9.  A Kakijiku with full length oshigata of a tanto by Seki Kanetsune.  Overall size is 13 5/8 x 69"  (34.5 x 174.5 cm).  Tha nagasa of the tanto is 11 1/2"  29 cm.  Kanetsune was a well respected smith working in Mino in Muromachi; this appears to be a very nicely made tanto.  The scroll is cloth on paper and all is in excellent condition.  There are a few faint spots of foxing on the oshigata.  See my first picture to see this hanging on a wall.

The scroll is signed; I can make out "Tanto Mei Kanetsune" but nothing else.  This comes in a box with a label saying "Tanto Kanetsune Oshigata" and I don't know the rest.  On the bottom of the box is a date (September 27 1991) and something else.

1 pound.  SOLD.

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