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B868. Shosoin no Token

$150 + Shipping & Insurance

B868.  Shsoin no Token by Shosoin Office.  1974.  2 volumes, the slipcase is missing.  1 volume is clothbound and the other is softbound, 10 1/2 x 15".  The cloth volume is about 285 pages in Japanese with a  22 page introduction, description of the objects, and glossary in English.  About 160 pages of this volume are given to very crisp black & white photos of the objects.  The soft volume is about 65 pages printed one side, of oshigata.  The Shosoin is the Nara Period (8th Century AD) Imperial storehouse of treasures; this book presents the edged weapons inside.  Many of the blades were imported from China and all of them are important.  The 22 pages in English contain lots of information: blade types and configurations, grain, hamon, even mekugi-ana, and much more.  This is a wonderful reference and a very beautiful book.

A corner of the softbound volume has been bumped a bit; otherwise condition of both books is great.  7 pounds, 4 ounces.  Was $300, now $250, but because the slipcase is missing this set can be had for $150 (a bargain).

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