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B765. Shinto Taikan by Iimura

$500 + Shipping & Insurance

B765.  Shinto Taikan by Iimura.  1976.  Clothbound in 2 volumes, with slipcases, 8 ¾ x 12”, 1,650 pages total in Japanese.  This is probably the most thorough reference to swords of the Shinto period.  Volume 1 is oshigata and 2 is photos, all very high quality.  A great reference for swords of the last 400 years.  I have a digital copy of an English index to this book.  If you buy it remind me to send you the index.

These books were bound with inner spine pieces that are too stiff; they put stress on the page block when the book is opened.  I currently have a copy that has been repaired, including a replacement of the inner spines with more supple spines.  My book binder, who does beautiful work, tells me that the rebound books are sturdier than the originals; they will hold up better.  The outside appearance of the books is unchanged; they look exactly like the original.  If you buy this set let me know if you want the original or rebound.

  Condition is excellent.  16 pounds, 11 ounces.  $500.

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