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B365. The Oshigata Book by Fuller & Gregory

$100 + Shipping & Insurance

B365.  The Oshigata Book by Richard Fuller & Ron Gregory.  1985.  Softbound, 6 x 8 ¼”, 144 pages in English, inscribed to a former owner by both of the authors.  From a limited edition of 500.  This is probably the rarest of Fuller & Gregory’s books.  The subtitle reads, “Unusual, rare and interesting oshigata from Japanese sword blades of all periods with full English translations.”  The chapters are: Locations and Centers, Made to Secial Order, Metals and Methods, Miscellaneous (joint effort, shortened blade, titles), Sayings and Phrases, and Tameshigiri (Cutting Test).  And the book delivers what it promises.

The cover is a bit dinged, there is some writing on the back cover, and the bottom corners of the back cover and and last 3 pages are missing (about 1/2").  7 ounces.  $100.

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