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B247. 3 Compton Auctions at Christie's, Hardbound

$340 + Shipping & Insurance

B247.  Japanese Swords and Sword Fittings from the Collection of Dr. Walter A. Compton, Parts I, II, & III, by Christie’s.  1992.  Hardbound with prices realized, 8 ¼ x 11 ¾”, 440, 245, & 130 pages in English, 971 lots.  Dr. Compton had the most impressive collection of Nihonto in private hands outside of Japan, and there can’t be more than a few in Japan to rival it.  In 1992 Christie’s Auction House in New York sold the collection in 3 sales; these are the sale catalogs.  Many of the swords and mountings had Juyo and Tokubetsu Juyo papers from the NBTHK; the quality and importance of the items was impressive.  Swords are shown in black & white; kodogu in catalog 1 are shown in color and mostly black & white in catalogs 2 & 3.  Almost every item is thoroughly described and well illustrated.  Each catalog has an index, glossary, and bibliography.  Pictures of interior pages are from softbound volumes sold earlier.

A former owner has had the original softbound volumes put into a hard binding, most likely because volume 1 was too big for its binding and many copies have broken spines.  All 3 books are in excellent, like new condition.  11 pounds, 4 ounces.  $340.

Need only one or two of the original softbound volumes?  I can do that; please ask.

9# soft

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