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B127. Meito Zuikan, 20 issues with complete translation

$350 + Shipping & Insurance

B127.  "Meito Zuikan" by Fujishiro.  1978 - 1993.  Softbound in a string tied binder.  "Meito Zuikan" was a periodical released in 28 issues of 9 to 11 pages each, printed one side, 8 x 10 3/4" in Japanese.  Great blades are shown in very well done oshigata and some of the best Nihonto photography of any publication ever.  The quality of these publications is wonderful.

A former owner has rearranged the pages so all of any smith are in one spot (all the pages for Kotetsu are together).  He has also discarded the front and back pages (title page and table of contents for the issue) of each issue.  Also included is a complete translation of the set by Leon and Hiroko Kapp, about 15 pages per issue in a 3 ring binder with tabs for the individual issues.  This title is included in the Index of Japanese Sword Literature on the JSS/US website, which will make it possible for you to rearrange the issues back to their original order (if you're considering the set ask me how it can be done).  A very useful reference.

The covers are faded and the outside edges of the page block are yellowed; the individual pages are fine (Note: ny pictures of inside pages are from a set I sold earlier, not this one).  7 pounds.  $350.

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