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B1041. Nihonto Gokaden no Ryo. Yamato & Yamashiro by Tanobe

$80 + Shipping & Insurance

B1041.  Nihonto Gokaden no Ryo 2 books by Tanobe Michihiro.  The 1st is subtitled Yamashiro Den Hen, 2015.  Softbound, 7 x 10", 197 pages in Japanese.  The 2nd: Yamato Den Hen, 2017.  Same size and binding, 141 pages in Japanese.  Tanobe Michihiro, before his retirement, was one of the authorities at the NBTHK (The National Sword Museum in Tokyo).  The Gokaden are the 5 main groups that swords of Koto (old sword) are classed into.  Hundreds of oshigata and photos of truely great blades along with, I have no doubt, a very informative text.  Someday, if not already, Bizen, Soshu, and Mino publications likely will follow; at the moment I have only these 2 books.

Conditions are excellent.  2 pounds, 10 ounces.  $80.

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